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- [[#system-configuration][System Configuration]]
- [[#configuring-hostname][Configuring hostname]]
- [[#hosts-file][Hosts file]]
+ - [[#creating-a-user][Creating a user]]
- [[#kernel][Kernel]]
- [[#obtaining-the-kernel-sources][Obtaining the kernel sources]]
- [[#kernel-dependencies][Kernel dependencies]]
@@ -398,6 +399,37 @@ replace the 'localhost' part of these entries to your hostname.
::1 localhost.localdomain localhost ip6-localhost
+*** Creating a user
+:DESCRIPTION: Adding a user to your new system
+Creating a new user is not strictly necessary, but it is highly recommended.
+Especially for building packages, it is the safest option to create an
+unprivileged user and using =doas= for doing operations that require =root=
+privileges. The code block below describes how to create a user (named =foo=),
+add them to the wheel group, and to give doas permissions to the wheel group
+# Create the new user
+adduser foo
+# Add the user to the wheel group
+addgroup foo wheel
+# Give root permission to the wheel group using doas
+echo permit persist :wheel >> /etc/doas.conf
+You are also advised to take a look at the doas configuration file and the
+manual page of doas.
+After you are finished you can switch to the new user by running
+#+begin_src sh
+su foo
** Kernel
:DESCRIPTION: Compiling your own kernel