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| runit | =runit-init 6= |
| shinit/sinit | =kill -s INT 1= |
+* TODO Wayland :noexport:
+:DESCRIPTION: Installing Wayland on Carbs Linux
+Wayland is a modern display server protocol intended as a replacement for Xorg.
+Wayland has a much simpler architecture compared to X by its careful design and
+implementation. Users who want to use a Wayland compositor should follow this
+** TODO Enabling the Wayland repository
+The =wayland= repository requires packages from =xorg= and =extra= repositories.
+** TODO Switching from Xorg
+If you are switching from Xorg, you will need to recompile some programs to
+reflect on the changes. Those are:
+- =xorg-server=
+- =gtk+3=
+- =mesa=
* Contribution Guidelines
:DESCRIPTION: Contribute to Carbs Linux