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diff --git a/contribution.texi b/contribution.texi @@ -0,0 +1,72 @@ +@macro contid{id} +[@anchor{\id\}\id\] +@end macro + +@node Contribution Guidelines +@chapter Contribution Guidelines + +Thanks for taking your time to contribute! To maintain stylistic behaviour +throughout the repositories, one must adhere to these guidelines. Exceptions and +changes may occur with good reasoning. + +@section General Conventions -- GN + +These apply to each and every file on the repositories. + +@itemize +@item +Try to keep the file readable. @contid{GN0010} +@itemize +@item +Characters on a line shouldn't exceed 100 characters excluding indentation. @contid{GN0011} +@item +Make sure you don't have code commented out during commit. Uncomment them +or remove them completely. @contid{GN0012} +@item +Do not add comments following the code, add them to the top of the code. It +makes it harder to read, and lines longer. @contid{GN0013} +Here is an example: +@example +# Good way of commenting. +your code goes here + +your code goes here # Avoid this way of commenting. +@end example +@end itemize +@end itemize + +@section Shell conventions -- SH + +Shell is central to Carbs Linux projects. Most of the tools and packages are +written in POSIX sh. + +@itemize +@item +Use 4 spaces for indentation, instead of tabs. @contid{SH0010} +@item +Make sure you don't use bash-specific code. @contid{SH0020} +@item +Make sure you lint your code with @command{shellcheck} and if you are new to +POSIX sh, use @command{checkbashisms}. @contid{SH0030} +@item +Don't spawn new processes if you don't absolutely need to, especially during +string manipulation. @contid{SH0040} +@itemize +@item +Never use a program for text manupilation that isn't defined in the POSIX +standard. This includes @command{gawk} and @command{perl}. @contid{SH0041} +@item +Instead of @code{$(basename $file)}, use @code{$@{file##*@}}. @contid{SH0042} +@item +Instead of @code{$(dirname $file)}, use @code{$@{file%/*@}}. @contid{SH0043} +@end itemize +@example +# This is the same thing as @code{basename /path/to/test.asc .asc} + +$ file=/path/to/test.asc file=$@{file##*/@} file=$@{file%.asc@} +$ echo $file +test +@end example +@item +Instead of backticks, use @verb{|$(..)|}. @contid{SH0050} +@end itemize diff --git a/top.texi b/top.texi @@ -42,9 +42,10 @@ for doing the first. @end ifnottex @menu -* Installation:: Installing Carbs Linux -* Package Manager:: Carbs Linux Packaging Tools -* Init System:: Configuring the init system +* Installation:: Installing Carbs Linux +* Package Manager:: Carbs Linux Packaging Tools +* Contribution Guidelines:: Contributing to Carbs Linux +* Init System:: Configuring the init system @detailmenu --- Detailed Menu Listing --- @@ -68,6 +69,7 @@ Overview of Package manager @include install.texi @include cpt.texi +@include contribution.texi @include init.texi