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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,12 +1,21 @@ -CARBS LINUX DOCUMENTATION -================================================================================ +Carbs Linux User Manual +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -This is the source of offline documentation for Carbs Linux. It is a part of the -'core' repository and can be obtained by installing it with kiss. +This is the Carbs Linux documentation written with Texinfo. It can be viewed +offline by installing the `carbs-docs` package. Distribution tarballs comes with +prebuilt info and plaintext pages, so they don't depend on the `texinfo` +package. - +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ - | $ kiss b carbs-docs | - | $ kiss i carbs-docs | - +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +There are two packages in the repository for viewing info files, `texinfo` and +`info`. The `info` package only comes with the statically linked documentation +reader, so you don't need `perl` to install it. -This documentation isn't complete yet, you can help by expanding it. + cpt-build info carbs-docs + +To generate pages from the git repository you will need to install `texinfo`. + + git clone git:// + cpt-build texinfo && cpt-install texinfo + make + make PREFIX=/usr install + install-info /usr/share/info/ /usr/share/info/dir