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2021-02-22diff: code shrinkRon Yorston
2020-10-01libbb: shrink recursive_action() by reducing memory pressureDenys Vlasenko
2019-07-02libbb: reduce the overhead of single parameter bb_error_msg() callsJames Byrne
2017-09-18regularize format of source file headers, no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2017-08-08getopt32: remove opt_complementaryDenys Vlasenko
2017-08-08getopt32: remove applet_long_optionsDenys Vlasenko
2017-07-21config: deindent all help textsDenys Vlasenko
2017-07-18Update menuconfig items with approximate applet sizesDenys Vlasenko
2017-05-05diff: fix -N and nonexistent files. Closes 7454Denys Vlasenko
2017-04-11libbb: move isqrt from factor, use it in diff tooDenys Vlasenko
2017-01-10Big cleanup in config help and descriptionDenys Vlasenko
2016-07-06getopt32: add new syntax of 'o:+' and 'o:*' for -o NUM and -o LISTDenys Vlasenko
2016-04-21*: hopefully all setup_common_bufsiz() are in placeDenys Vlasenko
2016-04-21libbb: make bb_common_bufsiz1 1 kbyte, add capability to use bss tail for itDenys Vlasenko
2015-10-07build system: -fno-builtin-printfDenys Vlasenko
2015-07-31diff: fix -B with single line changesAaro Koskinen
2015-05-25typo fixesManinder Singh
2015-01-11diff: fix a bug in diffing against stdin. Closes 7784Denys Vlasenko
2013-11-13switch editors/* to embedded-in-source kbuild systemDenys Vlasenko
2013-01-14whitespace cleanup. no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2011-07-08more tweak for bionicDenys Vlasenko
2011-06-05*: remove "Options:" string from help textsDenys Vlasenko
2011-05-22reformime: do not require \r\nDenys Vlasenko
2011-04-03move help text from include/usage.src.h to debianutils/*.c e2fsprogs/*.c edit...Pere Orga
2011-03-27diff: optimize diffing of files with the same metadataRoman Borisov
2011-01-26diff: return 1 when skipping directories with -r, but without -NAlexander Shishkin
2010-10-29whitespace cleanupDenys Vlasenko
2010-10-22*: introduce and use xmkstemp. -65 bytes.Alexander Shishkin
2010-08-30typo fix in commentDenys Vlasenko
2010-08-16*: make GNU licensing statement forms more regularDenys Vlasenko
2010-07-10diff: make diff -r much less eager to recurse into directoriesDenys Vlasenko
2010-07-09diff: cosmetic change on top of last commitDenys Vlasenko
2010-07-09diff: fix "diff dir1 dir2/". Closes bug 2203Matheus Izvekov
2010-02-04diff: more compiler compat fixes. no code changesDan Fandrich
2010-02-04diff: make code more portableDan Fandrich
2010-01-22diff: fix flag -B, cleanups and a couple more tests V2Matheus Izvekov
2010-01-20*: small code shrinks and compile fix for unicodeDenys Vlasenko
2010-01-20diff: don't exit in case we can't open input files. -2 bytesMatheus Izvekov
2010-01-20diff: don't use FILE_and_pos_t where it's not needed. -31 bytesMatheus Izvekov
2010-01-20diff: correct handling of labels. -10 bytesMatheus Izvekov
2010-01-20diff: support long optionsMatheus Izvekov
2010-01-20diff: implement flag -B (Ignore changes whose lines are all blank)Matheus Izvekov
2010-01-20diff: honor flag -i (ignore case differences)Matheus Izvekov
2010-01-18diff: add NOINLINEDenys Vlasenko
2010-01-18diff: defeat gcc's optimizationDenys Vlasenko
2010-01-18diff: rewrite. much smaller and more correctMatheus Izvekov
2009-11-18libbb: robustify isXXXX(). +39 bytesDenys Vlasenko
2009-09-21diff: debug macros; one trivial size optimizationDenys Vlasenko
2009-09-21diff: fix bug 613 (diff -ub segfaults)Denys Vlasenko
2009-06-09diff: tiny compat tweakDenys Vlasenko