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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-18ash: placate -Werror=format-securityDenys Vlasenko
2021-01-09ash: match bash behavior for ${empty_var/*/repl}Denys Vlasenko
2021-01-09ash: fix ${unset_var/pattern/repl}Denys Vlasenko
2021-01-04ash: improve --helpDenys Vlasenko
2021-01-03ash: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2021-01-03ash: make a strdup copy of $HISTFILE for line editingDenys Vlasenko
2020-12-30libbb: introduce and use xgettimeofday(), do not truncate 64-bit time_t in sh...Denys Vlasenko
2020-12-24ash: change "clear ungetc counter on syntax errors" fix to match dashDenys Vlasenko
2020-12-23shell: for signal exitcode, use 128 | sig, not 128 + sig - MIPS has signal 128Denys Vlasenko
2020-12-21bc: do not allocate line editing state until neededDenys Vlasenko
2020-12-19ash: clear ungetc counter on syntax errorsDenys Vlasenko
2020-12-13ash: reset SIGHUP earlier: allows HUP traps in .profile, closes 13371Denys Vlasenko
2020-11-30decrease paddign: gcc-9.3.1 slaps 32-byte alignment on arrays willy-nillyDenys Vlasenko
2020-11-19fix warning: label 'out1' defined but not usedCristian Ionescu-Idbohrn
2020-11-16ash: make interactive ^C break out of PS2 modeDenys Vlasenko
2020-10-31shell: update comments on the status of [[ ]] compatDenys Vlasenko
2020-10-31shell: better support of [[ ]] bashismDenys Vlasenko
2020-10-06avoid using strok - eliminates use of hidden global variableDenys Vlasenko
2020-09-29ash: jobs: Fix waitcmd busy loopDenys Vlasenko
2020-09-29ash: jobs: Fix infinite loop in waitprocDenys Vlasenko
2020-09-29ash: remove a tentative TODO, it's a wrong ideaDenys Vlasenko
2020-06-24nologin: make it possible to build it as single appletDenys Vlasenko
2020-04-30ash,hush: drop pointer check before calls to show_historyRon Yorston
2020-04-30ash: fix build failure when command built-in is disabledRon Yorston
2020-02-24ash: expand: Fix multiple issues with EXP_DISCARD in evalvarDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-24ash: expand: Do not reprocess data when expanding wordsDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-24ash: move TRACE statement in evalcommand()Ron Yorston
2020-02-24ash: rename some function parameters to match dashDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-24ash: rename stack_nputstr() back to stnputs() to match dashDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-22ash: Expand here-documents in the current shell environmentDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-22ash: parser: Do not push token back before parseheredocDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-22ash: parser: Fix old-style command substitution here-document crashDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-21ash: expand: Ensure result is escaped in cvtnumDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-21ash: memalloc: Avoid looping in growstacktoDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-20ash: eval: Only restore exit status on exit/returnDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-20ash: Return without arguments in a trap should use status outside trapsDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-20ash: return exit status of nofork applets (again)Ron Yorston
2020-02-20ash: expand: Merge syntax/quotes in memtodest with flagsDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-20ash: eval: Always set localvar_stopDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-20ash: eval: Replace with listsetvar with mklocal/setvareqDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-20ash: eval: Fail immediately with redirections errors for simple commandDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-20ash: eval: Add assignment built-in support againDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-18ash,hush: add comment about masked SIGCHLD, handle SIG_IGNed SIGHUP as in bashDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-18ash: jobs: Only clear gotsigchld when waiting for everythingDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-18ash: jobs - Do not block when waiting on SIGCHLDDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-18ash: eval: Reap zombies after built-in commands and functionsDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-17ash: exec: Never rehash regular built-insDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-17ash: exec: Stricter pathopt parsingDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-17ash: exec: Do not allocate stack string in padvanceDenys Vlasenko
2020-02-17ash: memalloc: Add growstackto helperDenys Vlasenko