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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-17Fix first/last image indexing bugHarry Jeffery
2020-12-03Add default keybinding for image rotationMark Stosberg
2019-09-07Fix typo in configMarkus Hauck
2019-08-25Add upscaling method commandSebastian Parborg
2019-08-23Fix out of date scaling command defaultsHarry Jeffery
2019-08-23Update default configHarry Jeffery
2017-11-29Write docs with asciidocHarry Jeffery
2017-11-29Make title+overlay configurableHarry Jeffery
2017-11-29Rename 'remove' command -> 'close'Harry Jeffery
2017-11-28Add stay_fullscreen_on_focus_loss optionHarry Jeffery
2017-11-28Rename cycle_input -> loop_inputHarry Jeffery
2017-11-28Rename list_at_exit -> list_files_at_exitHarry Jeffery
2017-11-28Tweak environment variable name for current pathHarry Jeffery
2017-11-28Allow aliases to be configuredHarry Jeffery
2017-11-28Tweak config option names & capitalisationHarry Jeffery
2017-11-28Simplify and refactor ini usageHarry Jeffery
2017-11-23Require <> around all keys in a bindHarry Jeffery
2017-11-23Provide default global config fileHarry Jeffery