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2021-06-18Second attempt at making --help work with alias ls="ls --color"Rob Landley
2021-06-10Revert the --help change, it breaks stuff like "echo -- --help".Rob Landley
2021-06-09Ryan Prichard pointed out --help and --version can't be first in aliases.Rob Landley
2021-04-27Use cheaper test that works with "toybox" name as a prefix.Rob Landley
2021-04-27More line buffering.Elliott Hughes
2021-02-07Add lots of "static" annotations, make a couple things use FLAG() macros, etc.Rob Landley
2021-01-06main.c: construct a combination locale to add UTF-8.Elliott Hughes
2020-12-14main.c: fix UTF-8 on macOS.Elliott Hughes
2020-12-11Sigh, remove debug code checked in by mistake.Rob Landley
2020-12-11The "fall back to C.UTF-8" check was backwards, and make TOYFLAG_LINEBUFRob Landley
2020-12-06Remove CONFIG_TOYBOX_I18N and just always support utf8.Rob Landley
2020-10-28Tweak help text again.Rob Landley
2020-08-13toybox: fit list of commands in terminal width.Elliott Hughes
2020-08-07People have been having trouble finding the toybox web page (despite beingRob Landley
2020-06-08xexec() shouldn't call a builtin when it's given a path to a command, butRob Landley
2020-04-07Don't let NOFORK arguments run through the multiplexer.Rob Landley
2020-03-11Redo NOFORK plumbing so commands like eval/unset can access/edit shell state.Rob Landley
2020-02-06Don't recurse into multiplexer more than once.Rob Landley
2020-02-05Fiddle with main() comments.Rob Landley
2020-01-30Move TOYBOX_VERSION fallback definition to toys.h.Rob Landley
2020-01-03Add MAYFORK to "help", teach it to behave differently when called as aRob Landley
2019-12-22Streamline init for NOFORK (fewer unnecessary syscalls for shell builtins).Rob Landley
2019-12-06main.c: fall back to user's locale.Elliott Hughes
2019-10-18Release Landley
2019-10-15Off by one error when you try to run a command through two symlinks.Rob Landley
2019-08-23Trivial style fixes while I was looking at main anyway.Rob Landley
2019-08-23Fix "ln -s toybox potato; ./potato" unknown command problem.Rob Landley
2019-05-29Release Landley
2019-04-16Call setlinebuf(stdout) from singleinit, so automatic flush each \n of output.Rob Landley
2019-02-08Sigh. Update release version for non-git source builds.Rob Landley
2018-10-31Update version to Landley
2018-09-21Stack can grow in either direction, so needs signed subtraction and abs().Rob Landley
2018-09-16It should never matter on Linux (where the top half of virtual address spaceRob Landley
2018-07-02Dereference one layer of symlink in multiplexer on lookup failure, so you canRob Landley
2018-06-23News and version update for 0.7.7 release.0.7.7Rob Landley
2018-02-24Update version string to Landley
2017-10-21Use setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "C.UTF-8") for more targeted locale enable:Rob Landley
2017-10-19Elliott wants to add TOYBOX_VENDOR.Rob Landley
2017-06-19Past time for Landley
2017-05-23fixup code styleJoyounger
2017-02-21It's past time for Landley
2017-02-17Fix the comment about the Android SIGPIPE behavior.Elliott Hughes
2017-02-10Add back bionic SIGPIPE handler workaround accidentally removed in 3b51a07e478dRob Landley
2016-10-20Announce Landley
2016-10-17The recent --help infrastructure fiddling made "toybox --help unknown" segfaultRob Landley
2016-10-01Move --version handling next to --help handling, so it applies to all commands.Rob Landley
2016-08-13Add TOYFLAG_NOHELP to disable --help processing for individual commands,Rob Landley
2016-06-30Fix option parsing infrastructure bug.Rob Landley
2016-06-05Fix TOYBOX_VERSIONPaul Barker
2016-05-10Use CFG_TOYBOX_NORECURSE to avoidRob Landley