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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-11Add options for reproducibility tests.Rob Landley
2021-04-23cpio: Don't lchown() if -t is specifiedYi-Yo Chiang via Toybox
2021-04-17Teach cpio to skip runs of NUL bytes between records.Rob Landley
2021-04-16cpio: continue past TRAILER!!! (like kernel does) but error on empty archive.Rob Landley
2021-03-01Yi-yo Chiang wants cpio -u implemented, and sent some tests.Rob Landley
2021-02-14cpio: Guard free() with CFG_TOYBOX_FREEYi-Yo Chiang
2021-02-08Yi-Yo Chiang reported that readlink() failures could corrupt archiveRob Landley
2020-08-21Honor --no-preserve-owner for archive creation, and tidy up header comments.Rob Landley
2020-08-21cpio: fixes for Android kernel build.Elliott Hughes
2020-04-16cpio: fix tests by removing --trailer.Elliott Hughes
2020-04-15cpio: fix --trailer flag check, switch to FLAG() macros.Ethan Sommer
2019-03-02Improve help consistency.Elliott Hughes
2018-12-04Clean up some --help formatting.Elliott Hughes
2018-08-31Convert option style.Rob Landley
2018-04-08Add mkpath() for common case of mkpathat(), and #define magic constants.Rob Landley
2017-06-04Don't add cpio TRAILER!!! entry by default, add new --trailer option if youRob Landley
2017-01-28Add missing `static`s and remove an unused function.Elliott Hughes
2016-03-02For years the man pages have said to #include <sys/types.h> to getRob Landley
2016-01-05Add error_msg_raw() and friends, replace error_msg("%s", s) uses, enable formatRob Landley
2015-12-21Rich Felker's reading of posix is that fchown() and fchmod() must be allowedRob Landley
2015-12-06Attempt at making cpio chown() mode 000 files sanely.Rob Landley
2015-12-06Remove trailing whitespace and wrap lines to 80 chars.Rob Landley
2015-12-06CPIO: Add --no-preserve-owner option.Mike Moreton
2015-12-06Correct setting of guid and uid when extracting from a cpio archive.Mike Moreton
2015-09-29Make defconfig build for nommu.Rob Landley
2014-11-22As long as Android's going to require fortify, fixup the warnings it generates.Rob Landley
2014-09-14Add cpio -pRob Landley
2014-09-09Ignore -m option to cpio, it's what we do anyway so it's not an error.Rob Landley
2014-09-08Fix more memory leaks reported by Ashwini Sharma.Rob Landley
2014-06-01cpio: archive more filesIsaac Dunham
2014-04-29Teach cpio to set uid/gid and timestamp. (Timestamp has year 2100 problem.)Rob Landley
2014-03-27Fix cpio -it: don't close(fd) unless we opened it.Isaac Dunham
2014-03-26More cpio bugfixes from Isaac Dunham.Rob Landley
2014-03-25Promote cpio out of pending.Rob Landley