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2019-05-29Release Landley
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2019-02-15Fix typos: e.g. change "cannonical" to "canonical".Jason Spiro
2019-02-08Update news.html for 0.8.0 release.0.8.0Rob Landley
2018-11-01Update news.html for 0.7.8 release.Rob Landley
2018-06-23News and version update for 0.7.7 release.0.7.7Rob Landley
2018-03-10Record the news.html update for last release.Rob Landley
2017-10-28Web page updates.Rob Landley
2017-06-19Past time for Landley
2017-03-22Fix a typo and explain a mystery in news.html.Elliott Hughes
2017-03-03Check in web page announcement for 0.7.3.Rob Landley
2016-10-24Typos.Rob Landley
2016-10-20Announce Landley
2016-02-02Fluffier release notes.Rob Landley
2016-02-02Release notes.Rob Landley
2015-11-03Version Landley
2015-07-31Check in the note about rebuilding the source tarball.Rob Landley
2015-07-20Release notes for 0.6.0.Rob Landley
2015-04-05Announce switch to git.Rob Landley
2015-02-270.5.2 release notes.Rob Landley
2014-12-30Link to gmane web archive.Rob Landley
2014-11-28Check in most recent release notes.Rob Landley
2014-10-02Release notes for 0.5.0.Rob Landley
2014-07-07Release notes for 0.4.9.Rob Landley
2014-04-20Release announcement for 0.4.8.Rob Landley
2014-03-08Broken URL that's been pointed out to me a couple times when I'm not at a mac...Rob Landley
2014-01-04Change header and pages so each page has its own title.Rob Landley
2013-11-20Fix broken link.Rob Landley
2013-11-19Release announcement for 0.4.7.Rob Landley
2013-10-04Typo: fdisk != fsck.Rob Landley
2013-09-18Release announcement on web page.Rob Landley
2013-07-26Link to Georgi's mirror on github.Rob Landley
2013-07-06This inlines CRC64, and nothing more.Isaac Dunham
2013-06-16Misc website updates.Rob Landley
2013-03-21Update news page and link to ELC 2013 talk on toybox.Rob Landley
2013-02-23Accumulated web page changes. (Release announcement for previous release, roa...Rob Landley
2012-12-19Web page update for release.Rob Landley
2012-11-13Announce release, add anchor tags to roadmap, tweak downloads in header (new ...Rob Landley
2012-08-26Split off pre-relaunch news entries into a separate oldnews.html page.Rob Landley
2012-08-25Check in the updated news and status web pages.Rob Landley
2012-06-25Update news page for the past two releases.Rob Landley
2012-03-06Web page updates.Rob Landley
2012-02-13Commit the web page change that announced the release.Rob Landley
2012-02-02Update web page a bit.Rob Landley
2010-01-05Minor web page updates (put header/footer back, add a few <hr> tags).Rob Landley
2009-10-23Add .tar.bz2 to tarball links.Rob Landley
2009-09-30Remove header/footer includes to prepare for css instead.Rob Landley
2009-06-05Fix broken links spotted by Cedric Duval.Rob Landley
2009-04-17Announce bugfix release. Landley
2009-03-29Announce bugfix release.Rob Landley