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+#+TITLE: May 2021 News Post
+#+DATE: <2021-05-25 Tue>
+#+AUTHOR: Cem Keylan
+Welcome to May! It has been a rather quiet month, mostly dedicated to fixing
+some small bugs and working on some features.
+#+TOC: headlines 1 local
+** Fossil support and new repository backend
+:CUSTOM_ID: fossil-support
+In the [[file:20210415.org::#fossil][previous news post]] I mentioned adding fossil support to the package
+manager. Fossil support is now merged to the trunk branch of the package
+manager, and I have completely rewritten the repository backend which has
+better performance and is easier to extend. There are still some changes to
+make, but the feature will be added in the =6.1.0= release.
+** Moving IRC channel
+:CUSTOM_ID: moving-irc-channel
+After the recent controversies surrounding Freenode, we have also switched to
+the new Libera IRC network. Since our previous logger =globbot= is also shutting
+down, I have set up an IRC logger powered by [[https://git.causal.agency/litterbox][litterbox]]. The IRC logs can be
+found on [[https://irclogs.carbslinux.org]]. The website includes both a searchable
+web interface, and plaintext dumps of daily logs. Even though the channel is
+low-volume, I think logging it is extremely important.
+** New i686 release
+:CUSTOM_ID: new-i686-release
+I have decided to make an i686 release last week because it was really outdated,
+but it will likely be the last one depending on its use on the few following
+months. If you are interested in keeping support for the architecture, feel free
+to join the IRC channel to let me know. Maintaining i686 isn't really much of a
+burdon on me, but there is no point in maintaining an architecture that isn't
+used by anyone.
+Compared to the last month, there aren't much news, and there have been other
+things that I needed to attend to. I started writing this post on the 13th, and
+only had the time to finish it now!
+See you on the next post!
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+#+TITLE: June 2021 News Post
+#+DATE: <2021-06-30 Wed>
+#+AUTHOR: Cem Keylan
+Hello! This month was rather slow for me while I was mostly away for some
+vacation and I had some connectivity issues. I mostly tried to keep the packages
+up to date, and to keep up with the IRC channel as I've had some issues with the
+new logger we are using in the channel. I have very recently returned to home,
+and I'm mostly working on with the next release of the package manager.
+Hopefully, next month will be more newsworthy as I will take my time to work on
+the new package repository backend, and document its features.
+See you on the next post!
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