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2024-03-06update submodulesHEADmasterCem Keylan
2024-03-06update submodulesCem Keylan
2024-03-06Fix timeCem Keylan
2024-03-06news: add news about server migrationCem Keylan
2024-02-22blog: add alias to 2024-02 news postCem Keylan
2024-02-22blog: new postCem Keylan
2024-02-22gitignore: ignore temp lock fileCem Keylan
2024-02-22surprise imagesCem Keylan
2024-02-22home: use inline js for reading latest package infoCem Keylan
2024-02-22gitignore: only ignore style.cssCem Keylan
2023-02-05docs: updateCem Keylan
2023-02-05news: publish new rootfs announcementCem Keylan
2023-02-05submodules: updateCem Keylan
2023-01-31new blog postCem Keylan
2023-01-31docs: updateCem Keylan
2023-01-25update docsCem Keylan
2023-01-25add xorg-removal newsCem Keylan
2023-01-25update submodulesCem Keylan
2023-01-03fix date formatting for blog posts on the index pageCem Keylan
2022-12-27index: remove mention of kiss from the main pageCem Keylan
2022-12-12blog: add birthday post for 2022Cem Keylan
2022-11-22news: add update on the migrationCem Keylan
2022-11-07news: Add migration noticeCem Keylan
2022-08-28add donation pageCem Keylan
2022-08-28submodules: updateCem Keylan
2022-08-28Makefile: updateCem Keylan
2022-08-28Makefile: remove unneeded EMACS variableCem Keylan
2022-08-28footer: don't bother with updating copyright yearsCem Keylan
2022-02-15updateCem Keylan
2022-02-14updateCem Keylan
2022-01-03Update Copyright yearCem Keylan
2021-12-10updateCem Keylan
2021-12-10happy birthdayCem Keylan
2021-12-02update docsCem Keylan
2021-10-25updateCem Keylan
2021-10-25fix .build.ymlCem Keylan
2021-10-25remove branch check for nowCem Keylan
2021-10-25.projectile: ignore public directoryhugoCem Keylan
2021-10-25October 2021: add custom idsCem Keylan
2021-10-25update styleCem Keylan
2021-10-25Merge branch 'master' into hugoCem Keylan
2021-10-25Delete install.org and put it into gitignoreCem Keylan
2021-10-25blog: Update RSS formatCem Keylan
2021-10-25wow, 2 monthsCem Keylan
2021-10-25docs: update navbarCem Keylan
2021-10-25docs: update rss referencesCem Keylan
2021-10-25Makefile: symlink old rss files, sed install.orgCem Keylan
2021-08-31update dependencies on .build.ymlCem Keylan
2021-08-31website: switch to hugoCem Keylan
2021-08-14update modulesCem Keylan