path: root/toys/other/lsattr.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-13Guo Chuang pointed out that lsattr won't build with headersRob Landley
2020-12-19FS_ENCRYPT_FL introduced too recently to depend on, use constant.Rob Landley
2020-02-27chattr: allow `chattr =`.Elliott Hughes
2020-02-11chattr: fix exit status, redo the tests.Elliott Hughes
2020-02-06chattr: improve error messages.Elliott Hughes
2020-02-05chattr: reuse toybox argument parsing.Elliott Hughes
2020-02-01lsattr/chattr: improve help text.Elliott Hughes
2020-01-22lsattr/chattr: -p support.Elliott Hughes
2020-01-20lsattr/chattr: add missing flags.Elliott Hughes
2019-08-19Tiny cleanup, net two lines shorter.Rob Landley
2017-05-27Replace two space indents with tab indents in help text (for consistency).Rob Landley
2017-05-26Be more consistent about periods in help text.Elliott Hughes
2016-10-22Tweak help text.Rob Landley
2015-09-11Replace toys.exithelp with help_exit() in lib.Rob Landley
2014-07-26Move DIRTREE_COMEAGAIN second callback up to when the filehandle is still ope...Rob Landley
2014-05-02Attached is the patch for lsattr and chattr implementation.Ashwini Sharma