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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2024-03-06carbs-docs: bump to 2024.03HEADmasterCem Keylan
2024-02-25linux-headers: bump to 6.7.6Cem Keylan
2024-02-19util-linux: bump to 2.39.3Cem Keylan
2024-02-19pkgconf: bump to 2.1.1Cem Keylan
2024-02-19fossil: bump to 2.23Cem Keylan
2024-02-19neatvi: bump to 14Cem Keylan
2024-02-19git: bump to 2.43.2Cem Keylan
2024-02-19curl: bump to 8.6.0Cem Keylan
2024-02-19binutils: bump to 2.42Cem Keylan
2024-02-19byacc: bump to 20240109Cem Keylan
2024-02-19xz: bump to 5.4.6Cem Keylan
2024-02-19zlib: bump to 1.3.1Cem Keylan
2023-12-07xz: bump to 5.4.5Cem Keylan
2023-10-13eudev: bump to 3.2.14Cem Keylan
2023-10-13curl: bump to 8.4.0Cem Keylan
2023-09-20linux-headers: bump to 6.5.4Cem Keylan
2023-09-20curl: bump to 8.3.0Cem Keylan
2023-09-12util-linux: bump to 2.39.2Cem Keylan
2023-09-12xz: bump to 5.4.4Cem Keylan
2023-09-12zlib: bump to 1.3Cem Keylan
2023-09-12pkgconf: bump to 2.0.3Cem Keylan
2023-09-12pigz: bump to 2.8Cem Keylan
2023-09-12neatvi: bump to 12Cem Keylan
2023-09-12linux-headers: bump to 6.5.2Cem Keylan
2023-08-27gzip: drop packageCem Keylan
2023-08-27gcc: bump to 13.2.0Cem Keylan
2023-08-27git: bump to 2.42.0Cem Keylan
2023-08-27curl: bump to 8.2.1Cem Keylan
2023-08-10binutils: bump to 2.41Cem Keylan
2023-07-20linux-headers: bump to 6.4.4Cem Keylan
2023-07-19curl: bump to 8.2.0Cem Keylan
2023-07-14linux-headers: bump to 6.4.3Cem Keylan
2023-07-06linux-headers: bump to 6.4.2Cem Keylan
2023-07-04linux-headers: bump to 6.4.1Cem Keylan
2023-07-04util-linux: bump to 2.39.1Cem Keylan
2023-07-04libressl: bump to 3.7.3Cem Keylan
2023-06-02xz: bump to 5.4.3Cem Keylan
2023-06-02util-linux: bump to 2.39Cem Keylan
2023-06-02pkgconf: bump to 1.9.5Cem Keylan
2023-06-02musl: bump to 1.2.4Cem Keylan
2023-06-02libressl: bump to 3.6.3Cem Keylan
2023-06-02busybox: disable sleep builtin on ashCem Keylan
Enabling this new feature causes issues with build systems as passing an invalid number to sleep causes the shell to crash.
2023-06-02git: bump to 2.41.0Cem Keylan
2023-06-02fossil: bump to 2.22Cem Keylan
2023-06-02eudev: bump to 3.2.12Cem Keylan
2023-06-02curl: bump to 8.1.2Cem Keylan
2023-06-02byacc: bump to 20230521Cem Keylan
2023-06-02busybox: bump to 1.36.1Cem Keylan
2023-04-29linux-headers: bump to 6.3.0Cem Keylan
2023-04-29gcc: bump to 13.1.0Cem Keylan