path: root/core
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 hourscpt: fix license and base fileHEADmasterCem Keylan
15 hourscpt: bump to 7.0.0Cem Keylan
7 dayscarbs-docs: bump to 2023.01Cem Keylan
8 dayslinux-headers: bump to 6.1.8Cem Keylan
9 dayspkgconf: bump to 1.9.4Cem Keylan
12 daysmusl: disable executable bit on headersCem Keylan
12 dayslinux-headers: bump to 6.1.7Cem Keylan
12 daysgit: bump to 2.39.1Cem Keylan
2023-01-16linux-headers: bump to 6.1.6Cem Keylan
2023-01-16binutils: bump to 2.40Cem Keylan
2023-01-12gcc: fix shellcheck errorCem Keylan
2023-01-12linux-headers: bump to 6.1.5Cem Keylan
2023-01-12xz: bump to 5.4.1Cem Keylan
2023-01-10linux-headers: bump to 6.1.4Cem Keylan
2023-01-06linux-headers: bump to 6.1.3Cem Keylan
2023-01-02linux-headers: bump to 6.1.2Cem Keylan
2023-01-02byacc: bump to 20221229Cem Keylan
2022-12-23linux-headers: bump to 6.1.1Cem Keylan
2022-12-23curl: bump to 7.87.0Cem Keylan
2022-12-14libressl: bump to 3.6.1Cem Keylan
2022-12-14curl: bump release numberCem Keylan
2022-12-14xz: bump to 5.4.0Cem Keylan
2022-12-12git: bump to 2.39.0Cem Keylan
2022-12-12git: bump to 2.38.2Cem Keylan
2022-12-12linux-headers: bump to 6.1.0Cem Keylan
2022-12-08linux-headers: bump to 6.0.12Cem Keylan
2022-12-04xz: bump to 5.2.9Cem Keylan
2022-12-04linux-headers: bump to 6.0.11Cem Keylan
2022-11-21linux-headers: bump to 6.0.9Cem Keylan
2022-11-17fossil: bump to 2.20Cem Keylan
2022-11-14xz: bump to 5.2.8Cem Keylan
2022-11-14linux-headers: bump to 6.0.8Cem Keylan
2022-11-14make: bump to 4.4Cem Keylan
2022-11-14byacc: bump to 20221106Cem Keylan
2022-11-04linux-headers: bump to 6.0.7Cem Keylan
2022-10-29linux-headers: bump to 6.0.6Cem Keylan
2022-10-29curl: bump to 7.86.0Cem Keylan
2022-10-25linux-headers: bump to 6.0.3Cem Keylan
2022-10-25rsync: bump to 3.2.7Cem Keylan
2022-10-19git: bump to 2.38.1Cem Keylan
2022-10-17curl: bump release numberCem Keylan
2022-10-17libressl: bump to 3.5.3Cem Keylan
2022-10-17zlib: bump to 1.2.13Cem Keylan
2022-10-13linux-headers: bump to 6.0.1Cem Keylan
2022-10-13cl-utils: bump to 1.1.0Cem Keylan
2022-10-08linux-headers: bump to 6.0.0Cem Keylan
2022-10-06git: bump to 2.38.0Cem Keylan
2022-10-02xz: bump to 5.2.7Cem Keylan
2022-09-30linux-headers: bump to 5.19.12Cem Keylan
2022-09-26linux-headers: bump to 5.19.11Cem Keylan