BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
blake3cpt-lib: fix faulty check-inmerakor10 months
configureMakefile: update targetsmerakor10 months
cpt-6.0.xcpt: bump to 6.0.4merakor12 months
cpt-6.1.xcpt: bump to 6.1.1merakor10 months
cpt-6.2.xpkg_manifest(): simplify sed callmerakor3 months
cpt-6.3.xpkg_fix_deps(): change internal logic to increase efficiency and speedmerakor3 months
master_readlinkf(): do not run under subshellmerakor3 months
repository-backenddocs: updatemerakor13 months
tsortsepchar: simplifymerakor7 months
update-execpkg_updates(): make cpt-update reentrantmerakor7 months
6.2.4cpt-6.2.4.tar.gz  merakor4 months
6.2.3cpt-6.2.3.tar.gz  merakor4 months
6.2.2cpt-6.2.2.tar.gz  merakor6 months
6.2.1cpt-6.2.1.tar.gz  merakor8 months
6.2.0cpt-6.2.0.tar.gz  merakor9 months
6.1.1cpt-6.1.1.tar.gz  merakor10 months
6.1.0cpt-6.1.0.tar.gz  merakor10 months
6.0.4cpt-6.0.4.tar.gz  merakor12 months
6.0.3cpt-6.0.3.tar.gz  merakor12 months
6.0.2cpt-6.0.2.tar.gz  merakor14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-17kiss: bump to
2020-04-17kiss-repodepends: don't output the dependencies of installed packagemerakor
2020-04-15kiss-export: fallback to gz if KISS_COMPRESS is not knownmerakor
2020-04-15kiss: change indentation stylemerakor
2020-04-15kiss: respect KISS_ROOT values in fixdeps1.12.2merakor
2020-04-15kiss: fix possible KISS_ROOT usagemerakor
2020-04-15kiss: fix KISS_PATH without argumentsmerakor
2020-04-14kiss: use the upper directory for KISS_PATH if no argument is specifiedmerakor
2020-04-14kiss: use the current working directory for packages if no argument is specifiedmerakor
2020-04-14kiss: extract zipsmerakor